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We Stock The Essential Gun Accessories For Shooters in Lakeland, Plant City, & Winter Haven, FL

Our experienced staff stock the most useful gun accessories by using their understanding of the needs of local shooters.

We sell a variety of gun accessories for our customers in Lakeland, FL and beyond.

When it comes to accessories for your firearm, we offer a wide selection of useful items. As new gun owners, in particular, find out after the purchase of a firearm there are often other things, such as cleaning kits or even a more comfortable stock, that are needed to get the most out of the new purchase.

Our staff are all not only experienced shooters and hunters, but they were all raised locally and so they are familiar with and understand the accessory needs of our customers from the surrounding communities of Lakeland, Plant City, and Winter Haven, Florida. They use their familiarity with the needs of local shooters to stock our shelves with the items that are the most useful or essential.

Our 5 Most Popular Accessories

At Rapture Guns & Knives we sell a wide variety of gun accessories but there are 5 accessories that we find our customers tend to purchase the most. We make sure to have those popular items available at all times. These 5 accessories that are popular are:

1. Magazines

Our customer in Plant City, FL and oteher communities appreciate our selection of gun magazines.

Though most new gun purchases come with at least one magazine, it is always a good idea to have extra magazines available.

Semi-automatic rifles and pistols are examples of firearms that use a detachable magazine to hold ammunition. However, some of the newer shotguns on the market now utilize magazines as well.

Virtually every gun on the market has magazines that are made from one of two materials...steel or polymer (plastic).

2. Rifle & Shotgun Stocks

Our customers in Winter Haven, FL know which rifle stocks are best for hunting.

Stocks are a very important element for long guns (rifles and shotguns) and certainly an important accessory for us to carry in our gun store. A good stock can mean the difference between the firearm fitting you or not fitting. Stocks directly influence the length of pull for the firearm, which is the measurement of the distance between the trigger of your rifle or shotgun, and the butt of the stock.

In short, the longer the long gun’s length of pull is, the longer the shooter’s arms need to be. Having the right length of pull for your rifle or shotgun can heavily influence how accurate your shot placement is when shooting.

3. Standard Holsters & CCW Holsters

Glock owners in Lakeland, FL tend to favor this ccw holster.

  • Open carry holsters - These holsters are made from a variety of materials. The two most popular materials are polymer and leather. Standard holsters are designed for the most convenient access to your sidearm as possible, which is why they are normally larger and more bulky than CCW holsters.
  • Carry Concealed Weapon Holster - Arguably the most popular material used for CCW guns carried anywhere along the waistline is kydex. CCW holsters are designed to be highly form fitting to the gun model they are made for. Comfort for the wearer is a design consideration as well. CCW Holsters are a more popular item for us to sell than standard holsters.

In the state of Florida, open carry is illegal, except for limited conditions such as if you are traveling to or engaging in camping, fishing, hunting, or lawful target shooting.

4. Bipod

Plant City, FL customer's custom rifle with bipod attachment.

Bipods are a popular accessory among our customers that own sporting rifles such as an AR-15. Bipods are useful because they increase accuracy and stability by reducing fatigue on the shooter.

Having a bipod allows you to easily rest the firearm on an object or surface. Target shooters who are practicing distance shots at the local shooting range are the primary purchasers of bipods.

5. Shooting Rest Bags

Winter Haven, FL area hunters prefer the Caldwell shooting rest bag over other brands.

Like bipods, shooting rest bags will help keep the shooter from becoming fatigued and so their stability and accuracy increases. However, the advantage that shooting rest bags have is that they are much more versatile than bipods because they can be more easily placed on uneven surfaces and adjusted to any position needed while in use.

Call or Swing by to Find Tactical Rails, Pistol Night Sights, or Other Gun Accessories for Your Firearms

The shooters from all across Lakeland, Plant City, and Winter Haven, Florida who visit our gun shop are quick to discover that we carry a great collection of gun accessories. We are often told by our customers that they were able to find an item they couldn't find anywhere else!

From night sight sets for pistols, to shotgun slings, tactical rails, or even gun cleaning kits we carry quality accessories that will bring out the best and the most use out of your firearms.

Give us a call at (863) 858-1218 or swing by our gun store to find out what gun accessory we can recommend for your shooting needs.