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Lakeland, Plant City, & Winter Haven, FL Shooters Can Bring Their Firearms to Us For Gunsmithing Services

Our experienced experts diagnose and handle gun repair services as well as a variety of maintenance tasks.

One of our expert gunsmiths mounting sights onto a pistol for a customer in Lakeland, FL

Firearms have been around for hundreds of years. They are built using strong materials such as steel, aluminum, sturdy wood, and durable high-tech polymers.

But even with centuries of refinement of the technologies involved with their operation and the tough materials used in their assembly, guns can still break or malfunction. When this happens, you can bring your firearm to the experts at Rapture Guns & Knives for any gunsmithing work needed.

We handle a wide variety of maintenance and gun repair tasks on a daily basis and have the experience to quickly diagnose the issue and get it taken care of the right way.

We routinely greet gun owners from all over the Lakeland, Plant City, and Winter Haven, Florida area, who are in need of gunsmithing services.

Common Gunsmithing Tasks We Do & Our Gun Repair Process

Our gun shop is capable of taking care of any gunsmithing tasks that may arise. That said, there are several tasks that we commonly see when a customer is in need of our gunsmithing services. We are often asked to:

  • Performing a cleaning
  • Drill, tap, and mount a scope
  • Do a trigger job (installation of a new trigger)
  • Do a barrel threading
  • Install a recoil pad
  • Handle a repair or parts replacement
  • Diagnose and clear up operational issues (failure to feed, failure to eject, misfires, etc.)

With regards to how our gun repair process works, customers can expect the following:

  • Step 1 - Bring your firearm to our gun store. Please make sure the firearm is unloaded, no magazines are attached, and the action is open.
  • Step 2 - Describe the issue as clearly as possible. Our gunsmith or a member of our staff will briefly inspect the gun.
  • Step 3 - Once the gun has been inspected, we will give you a rough estimate of what the job will cost, a general timeframe to completion, and you will be handed a slip with an identifying number for your job.
  • Step 4 - We will take care of the job and then give you a call once it is completed so that you can return and pick up your gun.

Maintaining Your Gun Minimizes the Need for Gunsmithing Services

The best way to minimize how many visits you make to our gunsmiths is to regularly clean and lube your firearm. Many malfunctions can be avoided by performing this simple maintenance task. This is something we tell our customers from all over the Lakeland, Plant City, and Winter Haven, Florida area every chance we get!

Cleaning your gun will remove any corrosive materials from inside your gun’s chamber. Corrosion on a firearm can pose a bit of a hazard, as the corroded areas cause spots of structural weakness.

Lubricating your gun will help to slow down the wear and tear of moving parts and any points of friction. A firearm that is well maintained is one that will stay reliable.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to firearms or have decades of experience, it is vital that you make absolutely sure your gun is empty, there is no magazine attached, and there is no round in the chamber before you engage in cleaning procedures.

Call to Reserve a Spot for Our Gun Repair Services

Our gunsmith handles gun repairs for gun owners from FL

At some point in time, all firearms will need gunsmithing services in order to take care of a repair or to improve how they function in general.

When you encounter operational issues with your firearm, rest assured that you can stop by and bring it over to Rapture Guns & Knives for any of your gun repair needs. We serve shooters and gun enthusiasts all over the area covering Lakeland, Plant City, and Winter Haven, Florida. Call (863) 858-1218 to reserve a spot with our gunsmith.