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We Sell Quality, Durable Knives to the Hunters, Collectors, & Everyday People throughout Lakeland, Plant City, and Winter Haven, FL

Customers can find the knife they need for the job at hand, or to round out their collection of fine blades.

Examples of some of the commercial knives we have available at our store in Lakeland, FL

Here at Rapture Guns & Knives, we aren’t just gun enthusiasts, we’re also knife enthusiasts! You name the knife and we have probably sold it to one of our customers in Lakeland, Plant City, and Winter Haven.

We have an inventory of knives for every budget. Looking for an inexpensive knife for trivial tasks? We have those. Looking for a real, $250 or $300 blade that is as much a workhorse as it is a work of art? We’ve got those too, as well as everything in between!

Our comprehensive selection includes mainly 3 categories of knives:

  • Fixed blade knives - These are generally your hunting knives, survival knives, throwing knives, combat knives, and skinning knives.
  • Folding knives - These sorts of knives offer convenience by being more portable (or concealable), and include pocket knives, folding hunting knives, tactical work knives, and a host of others.
  • Assisted open knives - These knives are a great choice as an everyday carry knife or as a concealed carry weapon.

With regards to the brands that we carry, you can find trusted names like:

  • ZT (Zero Tolerance Knives)
  • Kershaw
  • Spyderco
  • Buck
  • Sog
  • Böker Knives
  • CRKT (Columbia River Knife & Tool)
  • Bear & Sons Cutlery

Materials Used to Make Premium & Collectible Knives

Premium and collectible knives are made from a variety of materials. Focusing on the business end of the knife, the blade, one of 3 types of steel are generally used:

  • Tool Steel - Combined with alloying elements, this is essentially a form of carbon steel. However, adding the alloying elements increases the metal’s corrosion resistance.
  • Carbon Steel - Carbon is added in high amounts to greatly increase the hardness and strength of the blade. The downside to a carbon steel blade is that it may be more prone to rusting.
  • Stainless Steel - Knives made from this metal benefits from much-improved corrosion resistance.
  • Damascus Steel - This steel is hard to miss, as it contains beautiful swirling patterns of light and dark colors. This flexible yet hard steel was prized through history for being able to maintain a sharp edge.

When it comes to the handle of the knife, there is a wide variety of materials used. Often times, you will find handles made from exotic wood. Another sought-after material is animal bone. Knife handles made from animal bone often have engravings or etchings in them.

One other material, which is featured in several models of knives within the ZT brand, is titanium. This metal is used on their handles. In recent times, titanium has become a popular metal to use in knives.

Finding a Knife Based on Purpose

A collection of ZT knives purchased by a Plant City, FL customer.

Just like firearms, knives are tools. As is the case with any tool, you need to know what to look for in order to maximize its utility. When it comes to finding a hunting knife, CCW knife, or what have you, there are certain things to be mindful of depending on what purpose you intend for the knife.

Traits of a Good Hunting Knife

A hunting knife must be designed to take a beating. For this reason, you should look for a hunting knife that features a full tang construction. By investing in a knife that has a full tang construction, your knife blade is less likely to break than one which has a partial tang.

EDC Knives: What to Consider

When it comes to our customers from the areas of Lakeland, Plant City, and Winter Haven, Florida, we have found that it’s very common to have an everyday carry knife or EDC knife.

The most important consideration you could make towards an EDC knife purchase is understanding what tasks you will be using it for the most. From there, you can better decide on the overall size and weight you need your EDC knife to be, as well as the length of the blade and the deployment method (assisted open, non-assisted open, etc.).

Desirable Attributes for CCW Knives

A customer from Winter Haven, FL demonstrates where he carries his CCW knife.

There is an old saying we are sure you have heard...never bring a knife to a gunfight. But what if:

  • Your gun misfires or malfunctions
  • You run out of ammo
  • Your gun gets knocked away or you otherwise lose access to it
  • You don’t have a backup gun

In any of those situations, you would likely find yourself wishing that you at least had a CCW knife to protect yourself with!

Knives are allowed as carry concealed weapons in the state of Florida. At the time of the original posting of this website, it is legal to carry a knife for self-protection as long as the blade is not over 4 inches. If the blade is over 4 inches you will need a special permit.

With this in mind, desirable attributes you would want to keep in mind when choosing a knife for self-protection would include:

  • A knife that falls within the guidelines of what is currently legal
  • The handle should fit comfortably in your hand
  • You want the knife to have a deployment method (assisted open, manual open, etc.) that you can manage reliably under stress

It is your responsibility as a carrier of a concealed carry weapons permit holder to always check on the current parameters of the law, before making a decision on what weapon you will keep on your person for self protection.

What Makes A Knife Collectible

We sold this collectible knife made from Damascus steel to a customer from Winter Haven, FL

Because the collectible knives we acquire come from previously owned situations and they get sold very quickly, we can’t predict what collectible knife we may get in stock or when. With that being the case, rather than listing the collectible knives we currently have, we will provide you with a few points to consider that makes a knife collectible:

  • Age
  • Uniqueness or how rare it is
  • Craftsmanship quality
  • What condition is it in

Remember, if you have any questions about a particular knife, our staff is ready to provide you with answers!

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At Rapture Guns & Knives, we are happy to be the number 1 source of quality knives for fellow enthusiasts throughout Lakeland, Plant City, and Winter Haven, Florida. We offer our customers some of the most established brands to be used as a hunting knife, CCW knife, EDC knife, or to be included with their other collectible knives.

To find out more about the knives we stock or any collectible knives that we are currently in possession of, give our store a call at (863) 858-1218.