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Our Staff Knows What Considerations Hunters & Other Experienced Shooters in Lakeland, Plant City, & Winter Haven, FL Place Towards a Rifle Purchase

Whether you are a novice or an experienced shooter, you can come to our gun shop for a new or used rifle that fits your requirements.

The bolt-action rifle of one of our team members that lives in Lakeland, FL

There are a lot of hunters who reside in the area that spans from Plant City in the west, through Lakeland, and out to Winter Haven in the east. This means that there are a lot of shooters who know a thing or two about rifles and need a gun shop they can go to where the staff’s knowledge of rifles equals or even surpasses theirs!

At Rapture Guns & Knives, our staff is composed of hunters and experienced shooters. We understand the considerations that other hunters and experienced shooters would place towards the purchase of a new or used rifle.

The Type of Action, What Caliber You Are Comfortable Shooting, & Other Considerations Towards a Rifle

When it comes to buying a new or used rifle for the purposes of hunting, first and foremost there is the consideration of knowing what rifles are legal in the area you will be hunting.

Here in the state of Florida, we currently are not allowed to hunt with centerfire semi-automatic rifles that have more than a 5 round capacity.

Other considerations include:

  • Knowing from what distances you will typically be targeting game at
  • What rounds are best for taking your game
  • What caliber can you comfortably shoot without flinching
  • What type of action are you more comfortable with (bolt action, lever action, semi-auto)

Obviously, any experienced shooters in the market for a good sporting rifle like an AR-15, or even a novice looking for an entry level rifle like a Ruger 10/22 will have completely different requirements.

Our Most Commonly Sold New & Used Rifles

By no means are the rifles listed on this page the only ones we carry in our gun store or that we have access to. We are simply displaying some of the rifles that are most commonly sold to our customers in Lakeland, Plant City, and Winter Haven, Florida. If you don’t see the model that you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us at (863) 858-1218 about it.

Savage Arms 11/111 Hog Hunter bolt-action rifle

Savage Arms11/111 Hog Hunter

The Model 11/111 Hog Hunter brings you all the features you've been looking for in a hog gun, coupled with Savage's famous accuracy and reliability.

Mossberg 4644 Lever-Action rifle

Mossberg464 Lever Action

The balance and a smooth yet robust action make the 464 Lever Action Rifle tremendously fast handling, maneuverable, and astoundingly accurate.

Remington Model 700 SPS bolt-action rifle

RemingtonModel 700 SPS

The Model 700 offers Remington's unrivaled out-of-the-box accuracy that you have certainly come to expect from America's most popular bolt-action centerfire rifle.

Marlin Model 336C lever-action rifle

MarlinModel 336C

This rifle is the flagship of the Marlin Model 336 family and easily one of the most popular hunting rifles in North America. Its Offered in 30-30 Win. and .35 Remington.

Ruger 10/22 semi-automatic rifle


Introduced in 1964, the 10/22, with its legendary action and renowned reliable rotary magazine, is sleek, perfectly balanced, rugged, and superbly accurate.

CVA Optima V2 muzzleloader rifle

CVAOptima V2

CVA's Optima V2 muzzleloader rifle is a top seller and features a trigger-guard actuated breeching lever, internal parts, and "neutral center-of-gravity" trigger.

Springfield M1A Scout Squad semi-automatic rifle

SpringfieldM1A Scout Squad

The M1A-A1 Scout Squad combines the legendary power and reliability of the M1A with the quick handling and fast sight acquisition of a scout style rifle.

Ruger Mini14 Tatical semi-automatic rifle

RugerMini14 Tactical

Simple, rugged, Garand-style action and a self-cleaning moving gas cylinder help to give the Mini14 unparalleled reliability under harsh operating conditions.

Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport AR-15 semi-automatic sporting rifle

Smith & WessonM&P15 Sport

M&P15 Rifles are the ideal modern sporting rifle. Built to perform multiple uses under various conditions, M&P15 Rifles are both versatile and reliable.

Anderson Arms AM15-M416 Tiger semi-automatic rifle

Anderson ArmsAM15-M416 Tiger

The AM15-M416 is chambered in .223/5.56mm and provides a 16" M4 barrel, an optics-ready Picatinny rail, and a front-mounted low profile gas block.

Century Arms RAS47 semi-automatic AK47 sporting rifle

Century ArmsRAS47

This American made AK47 is manufactured by none other than Century Arms. Gun stores across the US have trouble keeping this firearm in stock.

DPMS .308 Oracle smei-automatic rifle

DPMS.308 Oracle

The .308 Oracle, much like it’s 5.56mm little brother, is a very popular rifle due to its compact size, rugged military carbine features, and .308 firepower.

Educating New Shooters About Rifles

If you are a new shooter, then this section is for you! As avid gun enthusiasts, we are always eager to share our knowledge and to help educate any new shooters. We carry rifles that are suitable for adult novices, as well as youth model rifles for younger beginners.

As someone new to rifles, the most important thing is that you can receive instruction on both general gun safety and how to properly operate and maintain your rifle. It is also important that you are paired with a firearm that you can handle comfortably.

There are basically 4 types of rifles that you can choose to start with. These rifles are categorized as:

Bolt-Action Rifle

The look of a bolt-action is quickly recognizable, even by people with no experience around firearms, because it is the classic type of rifle action depicted for target shooting and hunting.

Bolt-action rifles all share these 4 characteristics.

  1. Cocking - There are actually a few methods available for cocking a bolt-action rifle, but the most familiar and recognizable method is manual cocking.
  2. Magazine - The majority of bolt-action rifles generally have a magazine that will hold up to 5 rounds. This magazine is internal and can come in the form as a box that is detachable, non-detacheable with no floorplate, or non-detacheable with a hinged floorplate.
  3. Feeding - There are 2 varieties of feeding systems, controlled feed and push feed. Push feeds are very common and is present in a lot of popular bolt-action rifles, but hunters tend to prefer a controlled feed system.
  4. Bolt Throw - Once again, there are a few different methods available for this feature and they are the standard throw, the short throw, and the straight-pull bolt.

Lever-Action Rifle

Lever-action rifles work by using a lever to load the rounds. Once the chambered round is fired, operating the lever will eject the spent cartridge, while also loading the next round from the magazine into the chamber and cocking the hammer.

Lever-action rifles aren't necessarily an ideal rifle for a beginning shooter. This is because there is a good amount of skill and even strength needed to uncock a lever-action rifle once it has been cocked.

Semi-Automatic Rifle

When you hear the term "semi-automatic rifle", it's probably a safe wager that it brings to your mind the image of modern guns like the AR-15.

However, it would probably surprise you that the technology for semi-auto firearms originates all the way back to 1885, when the first semi-automatic gun was created!

With a semi-auto rifle, or any other semi-automatic firearm for that matter, each press of the trigger causes the firing of the round, the ejection of the empty cartridge, and the loading of the next round. Among semi-automatic rifle systems there are:

  • Blowback Operation
  • Recoil Operation
  • Gas Operation

Muzzleloader Rifle

Muzzleloader rifles are primitive guns in how they function. The muzzleloaders that most people without a lot of experience around firearms are familiar with are the flintlock and caplock varieties.

That said, muzzleloaders went through a revolution of innovation starting at around the late 1990s. Now, there are a number of options available on the market and we can supply you with any one of them!

Muzzleloader rifles, like lever-action rifles, are not the best choice for new shooters. This is because more skill is required to operate them, though modern inline and break-action muzzleloaders have made these primitive firearms a little more accessible to the uninitiated shooter.

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At Rapture Guns & Knives, our goal is to provide our customers with the new or used rifle that fits their needs, whether they are a seasoned hunter, a casual gun range visitor, or a novice shooter.

Our staff is ready to provide first-rate service to shooters across the area in and around Lakeland, Plant City, and Winter Haven, Florida who stop down to give our gun store a visit.

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